Yet Another Easy Way to Get Full Transparency in Windows 8

Yesterday we posted a tutorial to enable stable transparency in Windows 8 as Microsoft has removed the Aero glass transparency from its new OS. Our tutorial told you how to enable a perfect transparency effect but without blur or reflection effects in Windows 8. You can read more about this tutorial at following link:
The above tutorial requires 2 free software to get the things done. One software enables the unstable transparency in Windows 8 and the other software makes it stable. Our friend hb860 liked the idea but he didn't want to use 2 software for a single task so he decided to create a single utility to perform the whole task.
"WinaeroGlass" is a free and portable utility for Windows 8 which allows you to enable transparency effect in Windows 8. It basically enables the built-in transparency effect in Windows (which is actually buggy) and then redraws program windows quickly to make the transparency effect stable and permanent.
It also runs in background but doesn't consume much resources. Currently it doesn't have any user interface. You just need to double-click on the EXE file and it'll immediately enable transparency in Windows 8.
If you want to disable transparency effect, you'll need to log off or end task of WinaeroGlass and DWM processes using Task Manager. But the developer will add a user interface to easily enable or disable transparency effect very soon.
The developer has also plans to enable blur effect in Windows 8 UI. So stay tuned and we'll update you as soon as it becomes possible.
If you are interested in the tool and want to get transparency in Windows 8, you can download the freeware using following link:

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