New Font In WhatApp

Whatsapp has now become the trending alternative to instant mobile messaging services. From its inception it has maintained its simple look yet covering all the necessary features without annoying advertisements.
Recently it introduced many new features.It now has end-to-end encryption whereas many instant messaging apps don't have or need get an encryption. Some weeks ago it had introduced three new typographic feature.You need to type the text between some specific characters to get the text edits. Details of them are in the following picture 

Presently I am using the latest stable build of Whatsapp and it is now having an extra custom font built in it. No such addition was written in the changelog on Play Store.

To enjoy and new font and surprize people follow the steps below

Type your message between three  of this symbol    ```  This is on the second page of the symbols list in Google Keyboard[or any keyboard you use], on second from right on first row.

And send....Enjoy

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