How To Get Your Desired Score On Flappy Bird Leader Board?

You might get annoyed after playing Flappy Bird 5 to 10 times and not getting good scores and you might see your friends scoring more than you. It might be turning you insane. Then heres a solution for you. After researching a lot I have found a solution but currently this is only for Android users whose phones are Rooted. If your phone is not rooted, then Google It(How to root "Your Mobile name"). It will help you to get on the top of leader board with scores ranging from 0 to any score you wish. You might also set a descent score so that your friends might not be able to tell whether you have cheated or not. You might put a very descent score like 52 or 104 or anything you wish.

So what are you waiting for, Go and get your download..

Its currently not available in Play Store, so I am giving you direct link to APK. Download It HERE..

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