As another year gets over and a New Year: YEAR 2015 comes up. Here are a few leaps in the field of Android in the past year. Google has  released  KitKat and Lollipop version and a good number of budget phones high performance phone 
Lets Take a look at them

KitKat Update(v 4.4)
Version 4.0 started as Ice Cream Sandwich, but the last three decimal additions came under the Jelly Bean banner. This new version was obviously deemed different enough to brag a new nickname.Don't be fooled: this is an important step up for Android. 

  1. KitKat comes with a feature that hides everything while reading or watching a movie. If you want to get back the status bar and navigation buttons simply swipe the edge.
  2. Simply say “Ok Google” and the command you want from the home screen, or when Google Now is open, and voilà. You’re done.
  3. If you’re tired of getting calls from unrecognizable numbers, this feature will resolve that issue by retrieving Caller ID information from local listings within Google Maps.
  4. Quickoffice is preinstalled and allows users to edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that have been created with Microsoft Office or Google Docs.
  5. The latest Android OS will consolidate all of your SMS , MMS, video calls, and Google Hangouts chat messages into one convenient location.
  6. KitKat will prioritize your contact list by sorting by the people who you chat with the most often. 
Lollipop Update(v 5)
Breaking out of the mold from previous releases, Google took to the stage during its Google I/O developer conference to announce a new version of Android, dubbed simply "Android L." In October the name was finally released as "Lollipop" and given the distinction of Android 5.0. The name comes from the Android naming convention that goes in alphabetical order, where L would follow the previous release, KitKat. The difference this time around being that Google released certain parts of the OS ahead of time under the "Android L" name to get it in developers' hands, and released the naming later.

  1. Google calls the new changes to the Android UI its "Material Design" approach, one that takes the Google Now cards system and adds depth, shadows and more to layouts across the system, with app elements able to slide into and atop each other.New on-screen software button icons are in there too, with a triangle replacing the Back arrow, a circle for Home and a simple square for accessing the Recent Apps multitasking menu.
  2. Priority Mode>> In this state, your phone will only notify you if certain people you specify try to contact you. This can be particularly handy in silencing work notifications during the evening, but still allowing your significant other to get through
  3. Notifications on Android L are getting an overhaul, so only the more relevant information about your apps is being presented. The notification panel is being merged with the lockscreen so you can see what's going on as you pick up the phone, and a simple swipe up takes you into the phone.
  4. Project Volta, Google's new way of showing why and how a phone's power pack is juicing down.
  5. Remember Flappy Bird? The game phenomenon took the world by storm, frustrated gamers, and then vanished for a little while when the developer became overwhelmed. It's the game that spawned hundreds of clones, and it has become such a part of the zeitgeist that it has even found its way into Android 5.0 Lollipop as an Easter egg. 

Android Wear

Android Wear is intended to provide "information that moves with you" and puts the entire world inches from your suddenly-free fingertips.It doesn't just tell the time. The wearable operating system makes suggestions based on time and it factors location into its context-sensitive data.
Google's Android Wear smart watches can solve everyone's pesky pedometer gripes, whether it's always losing the easy-to-misplace device or not having it with you at all times.
The increasingly familiar "Okay Google" voice prompt opens up a world of possibilities. Android Wear smart watches can handle questions like, "How many calories are in an avocado?" to more personal queries like, "What time does my flight leave?"

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