Fix Windows Store, Metro Apps and Microsoft Account Related Problems in Windows 8

Microsoft's new OS Windows 8 comes with a brand new Store program which allows you to download free as well as paid apps from Internet. Its quite similar to Google Play program which you find in Android mobile phones.

Windows 8 also comes with Windows Live ID integration feature which allows you to use your Windows Live email ID to log into Windows and to sync your settings and files to Microsoft servers which might become very useful if you use more than one computer. You can sign into another Windows 8 computer using same email ID and it'll automatically bring all your personalized settings to the new computer system.
While using computers its quite obvious to face problems. There are many Windows 8 users who face strange problems while using Windows Store apps. Some of most frequently faced problems are as following:
  • App is unable to connect to Internet
  • Images, logos are not shown while using apps
  • Windows Store or apps can't open
  • Windows Store or app crashes
Many times you might also get various error messages while trying to open Windows Store or an app. There are also many users who face problems while using Microsoft account feature in Windows 8. Sometimes they receive error messages while trying to sync settings and sometimes the settings are not synced at all.
Most of the times these kind of issues are fixed automatically upon a computer restart but sometimes these issues can give you headaches.
Today we are going to share 2 free troubleshooting utilities released by Microsoft which automatically detect issues in your Windows 8 computer and fix them within few seconds: Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter and Microsoft Accounts Troubleshooter.
"Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter" has been developed to troubleshoot and fix all known problems which have been faced by Windows 8 users while using various metro apps downloaded from Windows Store. When you launch it, it automatically detects following issues:
  • Protected audio is turned off
  • Some security settings are missing or have been changed
  • Service registration is missing or corrupt
  • Microsoft account required
  • Your system administrator has turned off some settings
  • Display resolution is too low
  • You are not connected to the Internet
  • User Account Control has been disabled
Once it finds an issue, it fixes it automatically. If a restart is required, it asks you to restart the system and your problems related to Windows Store or metro apps will be solved.
"Microsoft Accounts Troubleshooter" is another useful utility for Windows 8 users which automatically diagnoses and fixes various issues related to Microsoft account in Windows 8. It detects following issues:
  • All settings sync incomplete
  • Microsoft account settings are corrupt
  • Can't connect to the sync service
  • Microsoft account required to sync settings
  • Unable to connect due to proxy or certificate Issue
  • Authentication information is incomplete
  • Check for roaming GPO enabled status
  • System time and date aren't correct
  • Problem with system registration
  • Signed in with a guest account or Roaming User Profiles enabled
  • Sync settings on this PC is turned off
  • You are not connected to the Internet
  • Proxy Settings
  • You have reached the daily sync quota
  • Check system not activated
Similar to Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter, Microsoft Accounts Troubleshooter fixes the detected problems automatically and if restart is required, it notifies you.
Both these troubleshooting tool might become very handy for people who are using Windows 8 and facing problems with Windows Store apps or Microsoft account features. In fact you should always keep these handy tools with you to troubleshoot problems if you face in future.
You can download these troubleshooting utilities using following direct download links:

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