It has been an year since the release of Xperia U, Xperia P, Xperia Sola and Xperia Go and Due to FXP, a Recognized Developer on Xda, they are getting continuous stable release of CyanogenMod 9 and now the releases are fully stable with only minor Bugs which you can hardly notice. So now you should all use this ROM as a daily driver. So start rolling and Experience the awesome  CM 9.1.


  • Bootloader Unlocked. If you have not unlocked it, then Follow this Guide For Xperia U,P, Sola, Go. It is working.

Then you might have a question in your mind on How to Flash this. So Follow the Instructions and it will be Fine:

  • Switch off your phone
  • Hold vol+ Button and plug usb to boot into fastboot (blue led)
  • fastboot flash boot boot.img (from cm10 zip)
  • fastboot reboot
  • Enter recovery, on boot led will be violet for 3 secs, During this period press vol+ 
  • Flash rom zip
  • Flash Gapps zip
  • Wipe
  • Reboot


  • Xperia P(nypon) - Here
  • Xperia U(kumquat)  - Here
  • Xperia Sola(pepper) - Here
  • Xperia Go(lotus) - Here

If you want to download without interruption at Full Speed, then download it here And Select CM9, then FXP 216 and then your device codename. 

  • Xperia P(nypon)
  • Xperia U(kumquat)
  • Xperia Sola(pepper)
  • Xperia Go(lotus)


  • baseband display
  • WiFi DHCP fix

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