Need a getaway from the familiar sights of Fairhaven City? Terminal Velocity seamlessly adds a large chunk of fresh land to Need for Speed Most Wanted in the form of an international airport, which offers a wide array of terrain to explore. It feels truly unlike any other location on the map, allowing you the opportunity to speed through terminals and vault up to the rooftops of the flashy, modern structure — but that’s only the half of it.
On the other side of the building are the actual runways and service areas, where you’ll find jets to hurdle over, open cargo planes to cruise through, and ramps upon suspended structures that allow for incredible air. Compared to the more realistic and somewhat buttoned-down terrain of Fairhaven proper, it almost feels like a whimsical carnival of four-wheeled amusement. And Terminal Velocity lets you make the most of it with the new Jump Nitrous mod, which pushes your ride further in the air for maximum distance; you’ll even find Drift Tires that spew colored smoke.
Luckily, this downloadable expansion gives you ample opportunity to use both of those features in its new locale, via original single-player modes — Drift Attack and the object-bashing Smash and Grab — plus 23 multiplayer events found on 30 online SpeedLists. Add to that five new cars (including the sleek Porsche 918 Spyder 2013), more billboards and fences, and multiplayer milestones, and you have a huge block of excellent DLC that’s as fun as the on-disc stuff — and maybe even more so.
•  DEVELOPER: Criterion Games  
•  ESRB: Everyone 10+  
•  COST:$15(approx)  
•  RELEASE DATE: EU Release Date: Mar-12-2013 (PC)
                               US Release Date: Mar-12-2013 (PC)
                               AU Release Date: Mar-12-2013 (PC)
                               Already released for PS and Xbox

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