There are many new ROMS which are being made for HTC One X but all of the ROMs cannot come under the category of best Roms as there are only some Roms which can Be counted as One of the Best Roms For HTC One X. Here is a list of Some of the Best JB Roms Made For One X:

1.     RENOVATE Final 3 | 3.18 (Official JellyBean 4.1.1 Sense 4+) by mwilky 
2.     Android Revolution HD 16.0 ( High Quality & Performance  Sense 4+) by mike1986.
3.     IceColdJelly  3.4.1 (AOKP unofficial JellyBean 4.1.2) by LorD ClockaN
4.  InsertCoin 16.1.3 with Sense 5 addons Based on 3.18.401.1 RUU by baadnewz
5.  eXoSENSE JellyBean by JDR0iD
 RENOVATE 11.0.0 (Official JellyBean 4.1.1 Sense 4+) by mwilky


·         Based on Official 3.18.401.1
·         Android 4.1.1 with HTC Sense 4+.
·         Heavily optimized for better performance and battery life.
·         Multi-language (WWE).
·         Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned using latest SDK revisions.
·         Tweaked Ramdisk.
·         Fully stripped all debugging info throughout the system.
·         APK compression optimizations
·         De-imaged the whole system
·         Extended Quick Settings
·         Advanced Power Menu
·         Extended messaging features (backup & restore, secure box etc)
·         Enhanced multitasking
·         Custom boot/downanimation
·         Network speed and security tweaks
·         Fully stripped tell HTC and HTC Quick Tips
·         Extended system animation values
·         Tons of unused apk's/lib's/binaries removed.
·         Cleaned important processes list and added Rosie to it for faster/smoother performance
·         Custom Setup Wizard
·         Custom lockscreen (themed only)
·         Market speed DNS hack
·         Removed landing pages from Gallery and HTC Music
·         Removed the tethering guard
·         Optimized and added new animations to appdrawer and homescreens
·         Tweaked autobrightness values
·         Removed data speed limit code
·         VM Heap sizes to match the HTC One
·         Enabled data/cache trimming on every boot to insure lag free performance
·         Gtalk text is copy/pastable
·         Empty homescreens after first flash to allow easy customization
·         Custom kernel values set on boot
·         Improved performance of HTC apps
·         Hardware accelerated multiple apps
·         Scrolling cache disabled.
·         Functionality tweaks.
·         RAM Optimizations.
·         Enhanced Audio Playback Quality with PureXAudio
·         All rotations unlocked.
·         OTA support.
·         Init.d support.
·         Sysro/sysrw commands support.
·         Persistent ADB enabled.
·         Increased MMS limit.
·         Signature verification disabled.
·         Customed theme with the option of stock look.
·         De-sense option in AROMA.
·        Much more I have forgot!

Latest Version: Final 3 - 11/03/2013 


MD5 SUM *f0b34089711a89f1f26bea0a46583211* MD5 SUM

You need HBOOT 1.31+ for this ROM.

Instructions To Flash the ROM:

For the Jellybean update you need to have flashed the updated firmware. Please have a look at the many guides available on how to do this

1.     Download the RENOVATE ROM zip to your computer and copy it to your device's virtual SD card. Once done, on your PC open the zip with a zip extractor and extract the file "boot.img" to your fastboot folder.
2.     Reboot your phone into Bootloader Mode and connect the USB cable, make sure you have your display says "Fastboot USB" after your device is recognized.
3.     Press Win Key + R, and type CMD. This will open up an MS-DOS prompt. Navigate to your fastboot folder via "cd C:\android_sdk\fastboot" commands.
4.     When in the right folder (where you stored the boot.img), in CMD type "fastboot flash boot      boot.img" and wait till the action completes. Then type "fastboot erase cache", once its done type "exit" (this will close the CMD window).
5.     Now disconnect the USB cable and select HBOOT option in Bootloader Mode. Then you will see a RECOVERY option, select it and press the power button to go to recovery.
6.     You need to do a full wipe before installing RENOVATE ROM, which means:- factory reset/data wipe + cache wipe + dalvik cache wipe and lastly format /system in mounts and storage section.
7.     Once that is done, you are ready to flash the RENOVATE ROM zip. If you didin't do a full wipe in the previous step you have the option for AROMA installer to do the wipe for you.
8.     After installation has completed, you will be asked to reboot. Just check the box and press ok.
9.     Your device will reboot and you will be greeted with a glowing blue light of the RENOVATE boot animation.
10. Please be patient while the device is booting, it can take a while!!

Final 3 Repacked Kernels/Bug Fixes/RenovatePlus


·         Final 3 ramdisk for mpdecision kernels
·         Final 3 ramdisk for normal kernels
·         Final 3 stock kernel

·         XM 241

Bug Fixes: (If you don't receive OTA Update)


RenovatePlus is an additional zip which lets you customize your RenovateROM the way you like it. With the option to add/remove apps, as well as keyboard languages. It also has a large selection of tweaks/mods to choose from so you can get your ROM exactly how you want it.

There will be a new release of RenovatePlus every time we release a new Final build.
·         RenovatePlus Final 1.1
·         RenovatePlus Final 1.1 Mirror

Android Revolution HD 19.2 ( High Quality & Performance  Sense 4+) by mike1986.


Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) - latest official HTC One X 3.18.401.1 (WWE) firmware
Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) - latest *STOCK* ROMs without changes and modifications ---> click here
Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) - latest official HTC One X 2.17.401.2(WWE) firmware
This is improved version of stock ROM - no visual changes!
Very fast, clean & stable!
Full HTC Sense 4+ Interface
Multi-language (WWE)
Full Arabic and Hebrew languages support! (ICS feature)
For HTC One X
Thanks to HTC for the base firmware

Included kernel details:
Stock kernel (the most stable)

ROM details:
Removed software (CPU) rendering - full nVidia Tegra 3 (GPU) rendering
Fully optimized and tweaked
ROOT (su + SuperSu Permissions - Thanks to chainfire)
Unsecured boot.img
Newest BusyBox
RAM optimizations
System signatures check enabled for system security and safety
Improved virtual memory management
Speed optimizations
Enabled GPU UI rendering
Data, cache and system partitions mounting tweaks
Bloatware applications removed
All /system applications updated to latest available
All /data applications updated to latest available
Improved camera performance
Improved CPU governors performance
Most optimal system scheduler
Disabled kernel debugging for better performance
ZRAM ready!
Zipaligned (Improved RAM management)
Zipalign on boot (for user applications on data partition)
Fully de-odexed
init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support
Auto init.d permissions set on boot
sysro/sysrw commands support
Excellent battery life!
Improved EXT4 performance
You can replace HTC boot animation with any custom one (or use ICS default)
OpenVPN support
4EXT Recovery (Thanks to madmaxx82)
Most up-to-date system files permissions
Adobe Flash Player support for Ice Cream Sandwich
Support almost 24h a day
...and many more!

HTC One X unlocked with (S-ON) or S-OFF
Custom recovery
Firmware package from here
Proper HBOOT version for Jelly Bean based ROM - How To change Hboot

Download Android Revolution HD 9.9 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
MD5 Checksum: 5D4DD60AACF2A14BFD74C4E1BF316D5B
Download Android Revolution HD 19.2 (Jelly Bean)
MD5 Checksum: 3261ED6D267F11D63D5F44C4C2274F7E

boot.img for 9.x(v.0.1)
S-ON devices can't flash boot.img in recovery, so you need to flash it manually before flashing ROM
MD5 Checksum: 159220E3497B7E03D851B4BA617807A5

boot.img for 19.x (v.0.1)
S-ON devices can't flash boot.img in recovery, so you need to flash it manually before flashing ROM
MD5 Checksum: F2E7363A49BB7F76CCDF900466D2B5FE
Download Here


Remember to check MD5 Sum Before Flashing the ROM

Download ROM and place it on your virtual SD card
Flash boot.img from the downloads section
Boot your phone in recovery mode (vol down + power)
In main menu, select "install zip from sdcard"
Select "choose zip from sdcard" and browse to the location of Android Revolution ROM
You can use data wiping option in AROMA (optionally if coming from earlier version of my ROM, obligatory if coming from stock or other custom ROM)
After flashing process is complete, reboot the device

For Performance Tweaks, % battery mods, & other add-ons Click HERE

You can easily customize his ROM and make it LITE by removing some components with ROM Cleaner. To check it out, How to Do This, Click 

To Download HTC One X *STOCK* ROMs without changes and modifications Click 
- boot.img for 19.x series is required!
- HBOOT update is required. Read more here - Jelly Bean firmware collection for different Carriers ID (CID)
- If your current firmware version doesn't match ROM firmware version, wiping data inside AROMA is highly recommended!

 IceColdJelly 3.4.1(AOKP unofficial - JellyBean 4.1.2)

ROMS should contain everything you need to enjoy JB. You are not required to install any Add Ons, simply download the latest ROM, flash it, and go!
You are STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing, and if possible avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup - these can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug. If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience strange behavior.

Download the ROM Here or Here And Follw the Below written Instructions Carefully:

Repack it your self with this wonderful on-line repacking tool xcesco89

  • turn OFF your phone
  • BACKUP your data using recovery (and SD on first flash just in case)
  • boot in bootloader
  • select fastboot mod
  • flash boot.img via fastboot that is located in the fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • run this command now: fastboot erase cache
  • go back to hboot screen
  • select recovery
  • full wipe is needed IF you aren't coming from other AOSP 4.2 rom and the best is to use this script!!
  • flash the rom
  • flash newest gapps (Google applications) from here -they NEED to be flashed after every ROM flash
  • boot
You want to change stock DPI?
Follow this link and it's instructions to get playstore working

Overlay feature usage: 
To have your apps and scripts etc automatically installed during ROM flash place them in:
sdcard/overlay/system/app/ (for system apps)
sdcard/overlay/system/etc/init.d/ (for scripts)

What's Working
Everything from tgascoigne's and TeamNDVRu's roms

What's Broken
everything that is mentioned in TeamNDVRu's thread:

  • WiFi direct doesn't work
  • In call volume adjustment works, but not fully well in Speaker mode
  • MHL output is rotated incorrectly to portrait in horizontal mode (but workaround added since alpha 8 for hw decoded videos/youtube. Use bsplayer from playstore, almost all videos play with it in correct rotation in hwoverlay)
  • No FM radio app in ROM. But Spirit FM works from market (it's commercial!)

Issues with GPS??

  • Download app called GPSfix from market
  • Go to a place were you normally wouldn't have any problems with fixing location
  • Start the app and click start fixing
  • If your GPS isn't broke you should get 1 or more satellite icons in your screen after a minute or 2
  • Let it run and see if it gets a fix now
  • If you locations has been found, it will give you a message
  • Now try again with any other app, it should be working now

InsertCoin 16.1.3 with Sense 5 addons Based on 3.18.401.1 RUU by baadnewz

Many Roms had been developed For HTC One X but I think that it is also one of the best Rom for it developed by baadnewz, a recognized developer on XDA
·        Based on 3.18.401.1 RUU.
·        Android 4.1.1 with Sense 4+.
·        Sense 5 AddOns.
·        Multi-language (WWE).
·        Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned using SDK r21.1.
·        Unsecured boot.img.
·        Persistent ADB enabled.
·        SuperUser, Busybox, SQLite.
·        sysrw & sysro binaries.
·        Launcher prioritization.
·        Improved RAM management.
·        Enhanced I/O performance.
·        Ensured Journalism is disabled.
·        Partition mount tuneups.
·        EXT4 filesystem tuneups.
·        Apps cache cleaned on boot.
·        SQLITE Vacuum on boot or at every 2 days.
·        Faster application loading times.
·        Interactive AROMA Installer.
·        Option to remove apps (AROMA installer).
·        Option to install additional mods (AROMA installer).
·        Bloatware FREE.
·        Stripped Debugging info.
Custom kernels:
·        XDA Thread by shree.cse
·        InsertCoin Roms Website
·         Sense 5 LockScreen v2 (updated 18 march)
·         Return to stock Lockscreen
·         Sense Rosie NavBar
Tips and tricks:
·         To get you phone look like the one in my screens:
·         select sense 5 through AROMA Install (only InsertCoin 16.1.1 or higher)
·         install Holo Light Skin from market
·         Grab Sense 5 Wallpapers

eXoSENSE JellyBean by JDR0iD

·        Based on 2.17.401.2 Android 4.0.4 - Thanks Baadnwz for rom Base / Football for sharing
·        Sense 4.1
·        Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned
·        Rooted with the latest SuperSu & binary
·        Sysrw & Sysro
·        Persistent ADB
·        init.d support
·        Busybox, bash & nano
·        Launcher prioritization
·        EXT4 filesystem tuneups
·        Improved Ram management
·        Multilingual (Sense)
·        AROMA Installer
·        APM + EQS - thanks Jotha
·        Option to remove sense (will theme eXoDiZeD)
·        Enhanced I/O performance
·        Ensured Journalism is disabled
·        Partition mount tuneups
·        EXT4 filesystem tuneups
·        Apps cache cleaned on boot
·        Faster application loading times
·        Bloatware FREE
·        Landscape home screen support
·        Screen unlock Animation
·        Autobrightness Tweaks
·        Fully working HTC Sense account login/creation
·        Scrolling caches disabled
·        Sony Bravia engine

Download The ROM Here

Installation process:
·        Download Rom & extract boot.img from the rom
·        'fastboot flash boot boot.img' from within the rom via fastboot
·        Perform a full wipe (including /system)
·        Install Rom from root of SD Card
·        Reboot - and Set up!

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