It was not long when 4.2.1 Source was Released but Developers on Xda are always active and synergye, one of the Senior Member on Xda Started working on it For HTC Desire HD and he have now released it For the Device.. It is Named codefireX.

So, Desire HD Users plaese take a Look at this:  

About The ROM:

This is a team effort by eXistZ, BananaGranola, and synergye. The kernel is stock.
Unlike with some other JellyBean roms on the Xda forum. 

  • Click HERE for a full cfX settings feature flowchart by BananaGranola (thank you!)
  • NOT simply a re-named CM build
  • Open Source as all AOSP ROMs deserve to be
  • Easily switch between a custom and "vanilla" experience in the settings app "on/off switch"
  • LOTS of customization options including quick settings
  • Built with a custom toolchain, strict aliasing, -O3 completely (including thumb_cflags), and other Linaro optimizations such as OOM/LMK changes. JUST TRY TO FIND A FASTER SOURCE BUILT JELLYBEAN ROM!
  • Faster, more regular AOSP merge strategy than CM (and not just the release branches, but also master/jb-dev)
  • Lots more but he is boring himself already 
  • Storage
  • GPS
  • USB mount
  • Camera
  • Camcorder (720p)
  • TimeLapse
  • Audio(including headset)
  • WiFi
  • WiFi Tethering
  • Radio
  • Calls
  • Mobile Data
  • Button Backlights/LEDS

Not Working:

  • BlueTooth
  • You tell him!

KERNEL by synergye


  • Generally kept up to date with any new CM and QCom CAF display patches
  • Always up to date with Linux Kernel 3.0* releases
  • VDD SysFS interface for voltage modification
  • Fast Charge on demand (check the section below for full usage instructions)
  • Two way call recording support
  • VERY aggressive bus clocks
  • FINALLY giving the performance of 2.6 back to us

Download Stable Kernel
Download Performance Kernel

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