Lost a phone?
Here's what to do...

Lookout is a nifty app that backs up your device data (contacts, photos, call history) and it even helps you recover your handset in case you lose or misplace it.
Install the app, create an account, and you're set. After that, if you lose your phone or if it's been stolen, simply head to www.lookout.com..

Note: Also works on Phone

·If you lost your Android phone and didn't have Lookout installed on it, there's still hope. Go to the Play Store, login with your account and remotely install Plan B (also by Lookout) on your registered handset. This app gives you all the options of Lookout.
·  It is still in beta, so we can't recommend it for everyone, but Android Lost (www.androidlost.com) has the track and wipe features of Lookout and many additional tools ­all for free. The app requires administrative rights, but comes with add-ons like clicking and emailing a photo of the thief who has your phone; setting a custom alarm or making it ring loudly at intervals; hiding Android Lost so the thief can't stop it; making your phone 'speak' a distress message; and displaying popup messages in case a good Samaritan chances upon the device.

Set up an iCloud account, and download Find My Phone from the app store. Turn it on in Settings > iCloud. You can then visit icloud.com at any time to get a GPS lock on your lost handset, send a message to it, play a sound, or remotely wipe the device.

If your device is lost, head to protect.blackberry.com to view its current location, make a sound or display a custom message on the home screen. You can also remotely lock the handset, change your password or delete all data from it.

Just log on to the website www.windowsphone.com and in the dropdown menu of 'My Phone', sign in and click 'Find My Phone'. Through the web-based menu, you can find the GPS coordinates of your handset, wipe all the data, lock the phone, and have it ring loudly. Also, this feature, by default, saves the GPS location of your device every few hours, thus helping save battery to track your phone for a longer time.

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