There is a Good News for LG P350 and AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II Users.

Now They Have Got Unofficial CM 10.1 Support and this was Possible Due To 
 y, a Recognized developer on XDA.
So Get Rolling...

Android 4.2 AOSP releases are flying off the shelves like space toys in the 1960s. While it took a little longer than the frenzy of 4.1 AOSP-based ROMs, momentum has finally picked up on the latest version of Android. It likely won’t be long before a whole bunch of devices get releases. For now, AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II and LG Optimus Me P350owners can have some CM10.1 fun.
The stark contrast of new and old truly shows the versatility of developers here on XDA. The AT&T Galaxy Note II CM10.1 release was posted by XDA Senior Member madmack, and the Optimus P350 CM10.1 build was ported by XDA Senior Member PecanCM. In terms of stability, they aren’t half bad, and are more stable than some releases we’ve talked about. The not working list for the P350 includes:
and other all things that not added in working list
and the AT&T Note II not working list:
-In call audio.

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