Many ROMS are being released For Droid RAZR and this time Hashcode, a Recognized Developer have released CM10.1 For It...
It has Not been Developed Fully but you can give it a Try and Appreciate the Dev Work..
It is Currently an Alpha Release but Main Functions Such as Phone, Data, Wi-Fi.. are Wiorking.

What's Working:

  • Phone
  • Wi-Fi
  • Display Rotation Has Been Fixed

What's Not Working:

  • BUG: gapps/stock browser FC due to thumbnail / db issue
  • GPS will stay on "searching for signal"
  • No bluetooth
  • No camera for now
  • No HD codecs for now
  • No hwcomposer yet for enhanced composition (wifi display, gpu enhanced overlays for battery savings)
  • No wifi tether yet

How To Install?

  1. Requires Safestrap 3.05 (has been tested in BMM) and it's HARDCODED to only work from ROM-SLOT1 for now
  2. Download the .zip and place it on your SD card
  3. Reboot into recovery, install the .zip file and GAPPS from here (use CM10.1 version at the top)
  4. Do a full wipe Before Installing and TitaniumBackup restore of apps/data.
  5. Enjoy

Download Links:

Why only ROM-SLOT1 for now?

Due to some security changes in 4.2.1 he was having issues with the initial Safestrap script running early in the init process. This script checks to see what the "active" ROM-slot is and maps the correct system/userdata and cache files

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