Trouble taps on your window again with this next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto universe, set in the city of Los Santos and its surrounding hills, countryside and beaches. A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California.
Genre:  Action
PublisherRockstar Games
DeveloperRockstar North

GTA 5 PS 3 is expected to be arriving in stores late this year or early 2013. Christmas being a lucrative season also for the videogame industry late 2012 makes sense.
It is being said that Sony bought the rights for the game to be released first for PS3 and later for PC and Xbox. This was also the case many moons ago for Grand Theft Auto III for the PS2. Since the PS3 runs Blu-Ray discs it is quite possible. The Xbox still uses DVDs.
The price of the GTA 5 game on is 59.99$. The PC version is listed for 49.99$ making it 10$ cheaper compared to the PS3 and Xbox editions. All three games are allready listed in This could lead to the assumption that all three will be released simultaneously. However it was written a few times that the PC version will be published 2 weeks after the console releases.
GTA V Playstation 3 Trailer 1:
Rockstar released a trailer of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto a while ago. Among other new content there was a character playing golf. So a wider variety of sporting activities can be expected. The trailer also showed a dog so pets are very likely to be included now. This brings up the question if a penal system is now installed. Possibly with comunity service. ( Rockstar will make it fun, no doubt ) There was also a jet-ski in the trailer, so Rockstar has definitly expanded the range of motor vehicle transportation.
GTA 5 PS3 trailer recreated in Battlefield
There is also a comparison video of the user who opposes both video directly:
GTA 5 Releasedate is certain, finally
GTA 5 offers the gamer lots of new possibilities: He can change now between 3 Characters (named “Trevor“, “Franklin“ and “Michael“) while not being in the mission-modus to shorten e.g. the time to come to different places in the virtual world. With changing the character he can take influence on the further course of the game.
There won‘t be tattoos and fitness-studios anymore, but some mini-games in sports.
The only thing that is known yet is, that there will be one mission in that the gamer will have to climb.
New Pictures of GTA V released:
In the previous game the feature of comedy clubs and their quality entertainment has gotten a very positive review from gamers so it is likely that one can attend a comedy club in GTA 5 as well with an even more elborated programme. The radiostations in Grand Theft Auto IV didn’t make a lot of friends. Rockstar being the kind of people that learn from mistakes, a highly entertaining radio programme can now be expected. Since GTA 5 is set in the state of San Andreas we can expect a new country music chanel ( KRose ), depending on the era it is set in also a classic Rock station. ( K-DST )
Cant wait to fly above Los Santos with a heli or an fighterjet.
The multiplayer gaming in Grand Theft Auto V has propably been utterly redone. In GTA IV one needed to decide before entering the game to play online. This time in Grand Theft Auto V one can propably chose to play online while playing the game. GTA 5 PS3 surely comes with the multiplayer modes known from GTA IV. Deathmatch, Team-Deathmatch, Race and the Free mode. The trailer can lead one to expect to be able to play online golf tournaments ( and also other sporting events ) and have online jet-ski races. Possibly the steering of vehicles will need some practice, as it did in Grand Theft Auto IV.
The PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV was released after the PS3 and Xbox versions and came with a lot of bugs that needed fixing. Patches for these bugs could then be downloaded. If that’s too much of a hastle one should buy the console edition of the game, but again since clever people learn from mistakes that issue should now be take care of.
Hey – everyone has to take some time to recreate his health. Even a hard GTA Guy.
The real advantage of getting GTA 5 PS3 is the controller it is common opinion among gamers that is better than that of the Xbox.
While the release of GTA 5 is still waiting on the leaves – here’s a little treat for those who cant wait to get some news about GTA 5 PS3. Youtube User KETEGANO recreated the GTA 5 Trailer in Battlefield 3 – and the Video is really worth a view.
The video has been pretty awesome graphics and its very funny to see how the soldiers of Battlefield 3 reenact the  story from GTA 5 trailer. Soldiers play hookers on the roadside, are tracked by helicopter – in a burning and smoking town.
The magazine Game Informer finally released new information on the GTA 5 Release date: It will be in Spring, 2013!
Not only one but three main characters
Each character has its own individual and unchangeable characteristics, friends and hobbies. There won‘t be any love affaires or relationships like that in GTA 5.
Seems like we can fly fighterjets in GTA 5 pS3
While gaming with one of the characters, the others are on their own. They still influence the game course and it comes in parts to surprising turns.
To show that you change the character GTA 5 uses a zoom-out and zoom-in effect that is similar to Google Earth.
Through the possibility to change between the 3 characters Rockstar gives variety. You get a deeper look in the goings-on of Los Santos and a better understanding of the society.
or ride bikes in the sunset at the beach
Los Santos offers more territory than the GTA 4 world. The gamer can explore the wilderness/desert and a military area. A research of the ocean is another highlight.
On a mission the bank heist plays a decisive role. In the focus is the chequered mission-profile. The gamer can expect many surprises and a dynamic accidental mission-concept inside of side missions.
The piloting of the cars will be easier and racing-game-oriented. There will be more means of transportation like BMX, Mountain Bikes, etc.
The shootings and hand-to-hand combats are improved. The qualities of the close-quarters fighting are depending more on the resources of the character, but Rockstar does not want the close-quarters combat to take too much place in the game.
After a long time while Rockstar games maintained a  low profile, two new pictures of Grand Theft Auto 5 have been released. One shows a helicopter above a stunning city and the other one shows a silent moment in a park of los santos city.
and – of course – have high speed car chases with the police.

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