Many ROMs Have been made For HTC One X but according to me, ViperX is the Best ROM For This Mobile.
This awesome Rom Had been Made by RichmondoUK, One Of the Recognized Member On XDA and A Member of Team Venom. It is the most Innovative Sense ROM For One X.

There are Countless Tweaks in this Rom.Here are they:

  • Vertical quick settings
  • Horizontal Quicksettings
  • Rearrange Quicksettings
  • Statusbar theming support - theme each icon individually!
  • Hide specific notifications icons
  • Battery Tweaks/MIUI Battery bar with charging animation
  • Choose customclock color
  • Center/hide clock
  • Hide am/pm
  • Weather in notification area
  • Custom header Date/Time Tweaks
  • Custom app for clock/weather click on Sense Clock widget
  • Carrier logo for statusbar
  • Choose transparancy or background for notifications pulldown
  • CM brightness control
  • Customize your carrier drag handle
  • Choose between AOSP and Sense Recent apps dialog
  • Customize carrier caption
  • Show carrier icon
  • Hide settings icon
  • Run custom app when pressing settings icon
  • Choose between AOSP and Sense Recent apps dialog

Customize your carrier label

  • custom app on pressing carrierlabel
  • custom carrier caption
  • show carrier icon 
  • show cpu info or other stuff on carrierlabel
  • hide settings icon
  • run custom app when pressing settings icon
  • choose between AOSP and Sense Recent apps dialog

Rosie Launcher:

  • Enable landscape rosie
  • Enable infinitive looping on Home
  • Lock/unlock workspaces
  • Transparent navbar
  • Rosie Appdrawer Border
  • Transparent Rosie app drawer!!!!
  • Choose icon packs for Rosie - Works also for most ADW Icon Packs!
  • Increase rows/columns in app drawer to 5x6 and 7x3
  • Rosie Scroll wallpaper!
  • Hide app labels on homescreen
  • Use custom background image in the app drawer
  • Custom app for press on clock of htc clock widget
  • Custom app for press on weather of htc clock widget


  • ICS AOSP Lockscreen
  • Toggle to immediatly unlock aosp lockscreen on incoming call
  • Custom carrier lockscreen text
  • Hide time on lockscreen
  • Hide apm/pm on lockscreen
  • Hide date on lockscreen
  • Disable vol keys on lockscreen
  • Custom lockscreen shortcuts
  • Custom app notifications on lockscreen
  • Custom lockring positions
  • Hide operator on lockscreen
  • Block notification pulldown on lockscreen
  • Choose back/home/menu to unlock
  • Slide 2 unlock: swype from back to menu key to unlock yor device

  • Custom 3 finger swype gestures! Remap 3 finger swype up/down right/left to 8 custom action or a custom app of your choice
  • Configure long press delay of buttons
  • Different capacitive backlight options to control when the leds shall turn off
  • Venom buttons manager
  • Longpress home on lockscreen toggles flashlight or camera
  • Music control with volume buttons
  • Disable volume keys on lockscreen
  • Use volume up to wake the device
  • Use volume down to shut screen off
  • Disable volume sound when pressing volume buttons

  • Access hidden phone menu
  • Lock GSM Auto PRL
  • Highly configurable autobrightness settings, with manual config of each sensor value
  • Hide different items on the APM
  • Mms screen on
  • Overscroll colours (choice of 10)
  • Disable pctool mount tweak
  • Select NFC restrictions
  • Carousel cube animation
  • Force enable Wifi N
  • CPU tab (no u/v for now)
  • Sony Bravia and Xloud
  • Transition animations
  • Custom HTC Car apps for Navigation, Phone and Music
  • Fast dormacy toggle
  • Disable HTC SmartSync
Advanced Tweaks:
  • Minfree configuration in tweaks
  • Fix permissions
  • Zipalign apks
  • Mount system rw/ro
  • Disable logcat
  • Wipe cache/dalvik

  • IO Sheduler
  • SD Read Ahead
  • Governor
  • Core control - choose max count of cpu
  • Undervolting
  • Bootloop protection
  • Fixed missed call notifications
  • Added IME emoticons to GTalk
  • Fixed volume bug when skipping tracks on LS
  • Fixed Camera long filenames
  • Added s2w 2 or 3 button wake tweak
ViperX 3.4.0 Here and mirror on Dev-Host
Are You Missing keyboard and Statusbar with red venom theme? Check this thread on XDA for Red venom theme 2.7.0

MD5 Sum: c50d3d1d9932ba1dff8768f24480e1e2

OTA Updates:
Flashable OTA updates, if you didn't get OTA update, you can download it below and install it manually.
These are incremental updates, please flash them starting from bottom to top, one by one.
  1. Make sure your that your HBOOT is 1.31 or greater
  2. Check if you CID is supported, visit for updates. Cheers Mike
  3. Unlock your bootloader via HTCDev and install a custom recovery.
  4. Download the ROM and place it on your virtual SD card.
  5. Do a nandroid backup!
  6. Extract boot.img from ROM zip and flash it using ‘fastboot flash boot boot.img’.
  7. Use 'fastboot erase cache' to avoid boot issues.
  8. Go into recovery and install the ROM.
  9. Please choose fullwipe if you are asked, highly recommended if you go from one rom from another rom.
  10. Reboot the device and enjoy!


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